National Geographic Kids

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It's mind-boggling! NatGeo Kids is packed with stories and beautiful photos of wild animals, exotic places and interesting phenomena from around the world.

It's entertaining! Each issue includes cool features that make learning fun, like Weird But True, Bet You Didn't Know, Amazing Animals and more!

It's exciting! Selected issues come with bonuses to delight and surprise kids, like collectible animal cards and pull-out posters. It's fun! Clever games and riddles make kids curious and excited to learn about the world.

Nat Geo Kids is suitable for ages 6 to 12.

A total of 10 issues per annual subscription.
Monthly Issues:

  1. Feb
  2. Mar
  3. Apr
  4. May
  5. Jun/Jul (combined issue)
  6. Aug
  7. Sept
  8. Oct
  9. Nov
  10. Dec/Jan (combined issue)