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All Kids R Intelligent! (2nd Edition) is a set of beautifully illustrated readers developed based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner. It aims to develop a child’s Logical-Mathematical, Verbal-Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial intelligences through its captivating stories and activities. 

Using original and adapted versions of famous stories and rhymes (e.g. Baa Baa Black Sheep or Polly Put the Kettle On), children learn essential language skills, basic mathematical and science concepts.  An interactive mobile reading app, Happy Learners is also available to enhance a learning experience.

All Kids R Intelligent! English - This dynamic and interactive set of readers is designed to help children develop essential language skills and concepts. Engaging illustrations help children to read the stories, and to make choices and predictions. Each book introduces children to a basic phonemic sound and letter blends.

All Kids R Intelligent! Maths - This set of readers puts emphasis on a child’s development and consolidation of basic mathematical concepts such as counting, volume, sequencing and time. Each book focuses on one mathematical concept and develops this concept in conjunction with other skills by engaging the child’s multiple intelligences.