Bubu Picture Book series

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Written and illustrated by local author Mr Lee Kow Fong (Ah Guo), there are a total of 6 books in Bubu Picture Book series. Ah Guo received his Master of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, in 2011, and is actively involved in the promotion and creation of children’s picture-books in Singapore. His workshops on writing and illustrating picture books are well-received and attended by many. 

1) The picture books’ storylines encircles the interesting life stories of a little boy – Bubu.

2) These delightful stories are sure to arouse the reading interest of little children through the simple yet imaginative content.

3) The colourful and lively illustrations within the books boost children’s ability to read pictures and at the same time enhance their creative thinking skills.

4) Recommended for young readers in Preschool and Lower Primary.

5) Suitable for parents to read with their children and for classroom reading