China's Rise, Asia's Decline | Stress Wars : How Many Psychiatrists does it take to raise a child?

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China's Rise, Asia's Decline

China’s rise will be long-term punitive for the rest of Asia. Across all aspects of Asian geopolitics and economics, China’s ascendency to regional hegemonic status will result in the decline of its neighbours’ political independence, economic dynamism and future growth potential. Any short-term benefits of China’s growth, such as increased trade, will be transitory. The longer-term implications of its emergence as the regional hegemon will be greater economic and financial dependencies and vulnerabilities, the large-scale shift of business activity to within its boundaries and its increasing geopolitical influence across the region.

The challenge for China’s neighbours is how to respond to these evolving dynamics, especially as their strategic options are increasingly limited and few of the potential future scenarios are long-term positive. China’s rise, therefore, be Asia’s decline.

Stress Wars : How Many Psychiatrists does it take to raise a child?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a school health service was formed to look after the health and hygiene of school children. But nothing much was said of mental health in Singapore until the late 1960s. Through fun, whimsical illustrations, this graphic novel charts the growth and development of child mental health services that began with the setting up of the Child Guidance Clinic in 1970. Singapore, at that time, was just finding its feet in creating a fairer, more inclusive social milieu that took care of the rights of children and minorities.

How many psychiatrists does it take to raise a child? None – children are raised by parents. This book is also a parenting guide that gently guides families in learning to look after the mental health of every household member. From understanding difficult emotions and respectful communication skills to strategies for calming stress responses, this book invites us to create a kinder, more compassionate world for children and ultimately, raise human beings who are well-prepared for the journey of life.