Colorloon Design N Inflate Vehicle Series - Mixer Truck

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Dear Parents, 

Check out the Colorloon Design N inflate Vehicle Series:

Colour, Inflate and start having fun!

Simply colour your Colorloon with markers, crayons, colour pencils, watercolour or any other colouring or craft materials.

Insert the shaft between the holes and secure each shaft with the wheels provided.
Inflate your Colorloon by inserting the straw into its opening. There's no need to use tape, glue or rubber band to close the opening, as it will stay firm for days

If your Colorloon feels deflated, simply blow it up again. 1 Pack Includes 10 Pieces Mixer Truck.

Age-appropriate for 3 years old and up.

** L(cm) 19, W(cm) 3, H(cm) 30