2022 Combo Promotion - iTHINK , Broader Perspective, Reader's Digest, National Geographic, Asian Scientist & BBC Earth

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Dear Parents, 

Get your Instagrammer teenager reading more and doing better in school.

We bring you the best of all world to serve your child's reading needs.

This bundle offer a full range of texts that will add value to your child's reading needs!

5 issues of iTHINK starting from Feb, Apr, Jul (double issue), Aug

Award-winning English enrichment resources that will get your child writing better essays for the O-Levels

Is your child struggling with how to write a good essay? We can help!

iThink Magazines are full of the best model essays and contain plenty of essay practice questions from past year exams. It is designed to help your child master essential tips on how to write an A1-quality essay.

Written by a team of highly qualified trained teachers and led by a former English Head of Department, every issue covers #trending content and has been written to help your child increase their general knowledge, understand techniques of how to write a good essay, and apply their learnings with practice questions.

iThink Magazines provide methods and strategies to master the below 6 essay formats that are tested in the O-Levels: 

  1. Argumentative Essay

  2. Descriptive Essay

  3. Expository Essay

  4. Hybrid Essay

  5. Narrative Essay

  6. Personal Recount Essay

Each issue also comes with worksheets and suggested answers.

Helping students write better essays since 2014, iThink Magazine was nominated Best Education Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2016 and 2018 and has been used by teachers in more than 50 schools. 

    4 issues of Reader's Digest starting from Mar, May, Jun, Sep

    Everything that excites you, everything that interests you…is in every issue of Reader’s Digest

    - Meet everyday heroes, ordinary people who acted bravely in extraordinary situations.

    - Learn about the latest medical advances and scientific discoveries and how they impact your everyday life.

    - Laugh along with Reader's Digest community on hugely popular humour pages.

    - Save time, money or both! With handy tips, tricks and articles on Home, Travel, Family, Food, Finance and more.

    - Discover an art you thought you'd lost: the pleasure of reading, absorbing and sharing ideas.


    3 issues of National Geographic starting from Mar, May, Jun

    The award-winning National Geographic Magazine is a proud publication of the National Geographic Society with a 125-year history behind it. The well-written articles are complemented by the moving photography, a staple that serves as a commitment to the high quality the magazine has achieved over the years.

    From the depths of space to the plains of Africa, and undiscovered oceans, National Geographic Magazine will bring you on a learning journey, adding to your knowledge with each turn of the page. ​

    6 issues of BBC Earth starting from Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov

    A bi-monthly publication containing a feast of information for the curious mind. Every issue is packed with fascinating images, thought provoking and entertaining articles about the world around us, the natural life that populates it, the history that has shaped our existence upon it, and the science that has driven it and continues to propel us into the future.


     2 issues of Asian Scientist starting from Mar, Aug

    Based in Singapore, Asian Scientist is maintained by a team of professional science and medical journalists, with active contributors from the science, technology and medical communities.

    The magazine's launch reflects the growing demographic of scientists, engineers and doctors from Asia, and caters to this community with news stories that are both timely and of interest to them.


     1 double issue of Broader Perspective starting from Jul (double issue)

    Broader Perspectives is a magazine aimed at helping GCE ‘A’ Level students and young adults deepen and hone their critical thinking skills. Through the discussion of real-world issues from multiple angles, the magazine guides readers in making meaning in a complex world.