Danger Dan Series

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Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind | Book 1

Psst! Pay attention: eleven-year-old Danny is about to start his secret life. And you are not allowed to tell anyone, or who knows what will happen? A mysterious time warp is already messing Singapore up. Big time. But don’t worry. Danny is about to transform into Danger Dan–the only boy superhero who can save us all! In Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind, Danger Dan has to race against time to ensure the merlion doesn’t end up with orchids around its head! Sounds easy? Not when you see the odds he’s facing

Danger Dan Confronts the Majulah Mayhem | Book 2

Danger Dan and Gadget Girl are back together for another time-travelling adventure, involving riots, a musician, spicy noodles and a flood! Say what?In Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem, it’s up to Danny and Melody, to save the composer of the national anthem from giving up on music. But the time warp appears to be more sinister than Danger Dan initially thought. What is the real story behind these time glitches?

Danger Dan Confronts the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate | Book 3

Will the time warps ever stop? This time, Danger Dan faces his gravest challenge ever—he needs to save us from a lifetime of drinking Dutch Lady Milk and saying ‘goedemorgen’ every day! In Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate, Danny travels back to 1819 to stop a dastardly pirate from hijacking one of Singapore’s most crucial historical events ever. Plus, more secrets about the time warp unravel. Will Danger Dan and Gadget Girl get to the bottom of things?

Danger Dan Confronts the Perilous Poison | Book 4

Gadget Girl Melody is off her game this time and needs Danny’s help. It is the year 1972 and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting Singapore for the first time. Drama ensues as Gadget Girl Melody finds out Sinister Spyder’s plans to poison the Queen. They must stop him before it’s too late!

Together, they trace the security crew to Toa Payoh, where the Queen will be visiting. Using Gadget Girl’s latest toy, the anti-gravity wristband, the two set off to nail the Sinister Spyder. Are they on the right track, or must they hatch another plan? Find out more in Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison!


Danger Dan & Gadget Girl: The Animal Abduction | Book 1

Danny and Melody are back together again, except this time, they’re in Melody’s world! Welcome to Singapore 2135, where cars travel the skyways, the grass is so soft you can sleep on it, and everything runs perfectly. Danny is thrilled with the brilliant gadgets...but some things are not quite what they seem.

In The Animal Abduction, a new secret friend brings trouble to the Zoo! Danger Dan and Gadget Girl have to clean up the mess before it grows to elephant proportions. And Danger Dan has to face his greatest archenemy once more - the Cockroach!

Danger Dan & Gadget Girl: The Watery Wipeout | Book 2

A mysterious water-borne disease is plaguing Singapore in 2135 and the blame has fallen on Melody’s brilliant brother, Bob. Danny and Melody have a slippery task at hand—to get to the bottom of the outbreak and prove Bob’s innocence…while keeping Dog a secret.

In The Watery Wipeout, Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws navigate underground tunnels, break mind-boggling codes and even get to ride on a Hover Cab! They discover that future Singapore is an island of never-ending thrills and spills. Follow the superhero trio as they go on a heart-stopping quest to prevent Singapore from breaking out in little red spots!

Danger Dan & Gadget Girl: The Gruesome Garden | Book 3

Dog is lost! It’s a race against time as Danny and Melody have to find him in the heart of the Botanic Gardens before the authorities get to him first. The odds are against them as Dog is ill, Melody meets her worst feathery fear, and Danny has his very own plant predicament…involving bean sprouts.

In The Gruesome Garden, Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws are in a leafy mess! A secret evil has taken root among the plants in 2135, causing them to have a life of their own. Join the superheroes as they untangle themselves from this overgrown problem!

Danger Dan & Gadget Girl: The Zany Zombie-fest | Book 4

What do you get when you mix one cup of Banana Mania Milk, a chicken rice food pastille, a dash of the undead and a sprinkle of terror? A recipe for disaster! Danny discovers that his favourite pastime—eating—has taken on a whole new flavour in 2135. 

In The Zany Zombie-fest, Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws come face-to-face with the horrifying monsters of Haw Par Villa… and we’re not even talking about those in the Ten Courts of Hell! The superheroes have to defuse the situation or risk becoming zombies themselves. Will they triumph? Or will this House of Horrors haunt them forever? 

Danger Dan & Gadget Girl: The Robot Revolution | Book 5

What happens when machines in 2135 are created to be so smart that they become smarter than humans? In this final instalment of the Danger Dan and Gadget Girl series, it’s the electrifying battle between the 100% efficient robots vs the helpless humans (who are not quite so efficient and often not sure of what they’re doing). Do humans even stand a chance? Or will they meet their digital doom?

In The Robot Revolution, Danger Dan, Gadget Girl and Power Paws have to abandon all gadgets and rely solely on their imagination and wits to fight the technological takeover. Can they power through and pull the plug on the deadly machines? Sparks will fly, smoke will rise, smog will smother Singapore, in this epic battle!

About the Authors: 
Monica Lim and Lesley-Anne Tan are a mother-daughter writing team. They sometimes argue, like all mothers and daughters do, but they are able to work together because they have many things in common - such as their love for writing, eating and sleeping (not necessarily in that order). They have spoken at many schools and festivals because they love meeting Danger Dan fans.

They have already written one Danger Dan series, this is their second. The inspiration for Danger Dan came from Lesley- Anne’s younger brother, who loves comic books and superheroes, and wishes he could time-travel into the future.

About the Illustrator:
Elvin Ching is an illustrator and storyboard artist based in Singapore. He likes to create his own little comics in his free time and some of his short stories have been published in the Eisner-nominated comics anthology Liquid City. He has also illustrated Marvel trading cards, comics for Martha Keswick’s Pangu book series, and is currently working on The Drift, a new comic book series written by Kelly Bender.