Guess and Draw for Preschoolers 猜一猜 画一画 (Book 1 to 4)

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Dear Parents, 

Is your child speaking enough mandaring? Can they recognise the characters?

猜一猜 画一画 is specially designed for preschoolers age 5 to 7. This series aims to familiarise them with the Chinese vocabulary required in the Primary school syllabus and improve their confidence in reading passages. Above all, this series is designed to cultivate their love for the Chinese language.

The themes in this series consist of common plants, animals, and the natural world. Through exercises such as colouring and drawing, students can practice their observational skill, penmanship as well as to unleash their creativity. Every short story, riddle and nursery rhyme are accompanied by Chinese pinyin and illustrated with vivid pictures. The book also aims to cultivate children's care for small animals and to treat them empathetically.  

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