i Magazine 2018 Edition - 3 issues (for 10 y/o+)

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Get your Gen Z child reading more and doing better in the PSLE English exam

Are you struggling to get your upper primary child to be more well-read? i magazines are specially written to get every young Gen Z student reading more and doing better in all 4 papers of the PSLE English exam.

It contains #trending topics that would interest a young reader 10 years old and above. The articles are written by former MOE teachers and will increase general knowledge of your child, which is especially important to do well in the Oral and Writing components of the PSLE exam.

Each issue also contains QR codes to videos and audio clips to excite and engage a young person in digital ways for the below:

  1. Audio clips featuring model examples of Oral stimulus-based conversations 
  2. Audio clips of Listening Comprehension practice 
  3. YouTube videos to supplement content discussed in the articles

i magazine will help every reader to:

  1. Be more knowledgeable about trends in Singapore and the world
  2. Expand their vocabulary
  3. Improve in writing skills, language use and comprehension skills, listening comprehension skills, and oral communication skills

    Issue 6 -"Different Folks"

    The world in your oyster. This is true more than ever in our increasingly-diverse world today. That is why we think an issue about culture and society would be a great read for students who need to be future-ready. Readers will find out how varied and similar cultures can be at the same time, and how cultures influence lifestyles, perceptions and even explain seemingly bizarre historical events. Different strokes for different folks, indeed.

    Issue 7 - "Sporting"

    Time for some action. Let's talk sports. Besides a discussion of the achievements and challenges in traditional sports, we will be doing a special feature on the growing trend of eSports, the new-age sports popular among youths. This is going to be on an exciting issue not to be missed!

    Issue 8 - "All For One"

    There is no "i" in team - all for one, one for all. This issue is all about the importance of teamwork. Teams are all around us, from the United Nations (UN) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to sports teams and companies to school communities and families, all working to achieve a common goal. Is today's YOLO generation ready to rise above their individual desires to work as a team, in order to achieve a purpose bigger than their own?

    This 2018 bundle only contains 3 issues of i magazines as the 4th issue, "Life, Interrupted", is sold out.