i Magazine Assorted Edition: 7 single issues (for 10+ y/o)

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Get your Gen Z child reading more and doing better in the PSLE English exam

Are you struggling to get your upper primary child to be more well-read? i magazines are specially written to get every young Gen Z student reading more and doing better in all 4 papers of the PSLE English exam.

It contains #trending topics that would interest a young reader 10 years old and above. The articles are written by former MOE teachers and will increase general knowledge of your child, which is especially important to do well in the Oral and Writing components of the PSLE exam.

Each issue also contains QR codes to videos and audio clips to excite and engage a young person in digital ways for the below:

  1. Model examples of Oral stimulus-based conversations 
  2. Listening Comprehension practice through audio clips
  3. YouTube videos to supplement content discussed in the articles

i magazine will help every reader to:

  1. Be more knowledgeable about trends in Singapore and the world
  2. Expand their vocabulary
  3. Improve in writing skills, language use and comprehension skills, listening comprehension skills, and oral communication skills 

    Issue 1 - "Being A Cartoonist"

    What is your favourite music band? How do you become a more confident person? Do you have what it takes to be a cartoonist? In this issue, we also talk about how ham has nothing to do with hamburgers, the jitters of a girl who attends a sports trial, to a comic script about music bands.

    Issue 2 - "Are You A Marvel Fan?"

    Are you a DC or Marvel fan? Both have had their fair share of victories and defeats. So, whose side are you on? Have you visited an art museum before? Let our writer tell you why you should do yourself a favour and visit one soon. In this issue, the job in the spotlight is that of a baker. We let you in on a day in the life of a baker to find out what a baker’s schedule and routines are like. We also share five sure-fire ways to make and keep friends. Additionally, we explore what exercise really does to our body, from sharpening our brains to being more energetic.

    Issue 3 -  "OMG! There's A Pimple On My Face!"

    Students nowadays have to meet a lot of demands - from peer pressure to parents’ expectations to expectations of oneself. Since you cannot completely avoid certains kinds of stresses, you have to learn to manage them, don’t you? We talk about how you can rise above the stress. In this issue, we also give you a glimpse of how it would be like to work for Google. Did you know that Google employees can get free hair cuts, free food (including local food), and even have showers and naps at their workplace? Let us give you some tips on how you can work towards snagging a job there!

    Issue 4 - "The Robot Is Now Human"

    We tell a story of a dystopian world where robots slowly displace humans, and let you in on another world of plants - the deadly one. Still on science, for our regular Line of Work section, read about what a scientist does on a typical day. We also talk about how we all get angry (and that is perfectly normal), but how do some people manage this emotion better than others? We let you in on some things you can do when you get angry, so that you do not end up doing things you would regret.

    Issue 7 - "Sporting"

    Time for some action. Let's talk sports. Besides a discussion of the achievements and challenges in traditional sports, we will be doing a special feature on the growing trend of eSports, the new-age sports popular among youths. This is going to be on an exciting issue not to be missed!

    Issue 9 -"Chomp!"

    Sashi Cheliah is the winner of MasterChef Australia 2018, and he was born and bred in Singapore. He joins a small but growing list of Asians who have won prestigious cooking competitions. Food is of great interest to many, be it to cook it or simply to consume it. 

    With the trend of keeping fit, some have put themselves on various diets ranging from vegan diets to the more carnivorous paleo diets. There is now fresh interest in organic food too, food that is touted to be more natural and healthier alternative, albeit often more expensive. On the other end of the spectrum, some scientists have begun making artificial food in an effort to help preserve limited resources, such as the lab-grown ‘beef’ burger. We cannot stop talking about food, can we?

    Issue 10 -"Media Mania" 

    YouTube did not start out thinking it would be a platform for budding celebrities, but it certainly has proven to be just that. A number of celebrities such as singers Justin Bieber and Souja Boy, and YouTube sensation PewDiePie and popular travel vlogger Nuseir Yassin (or Nas) found stardom through this media. Do YouTubers then have a responsibility towards its viewers, to be positive influencers?