Inspire Magazine 2021 Edition - 3 single issues

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Dear Parents, 

True to it's Tagline, 'Amazing Stories"! 

At Inspire, we constantly ask ourselves how we can inspire our Generation Z readers to love the right reads. We explore themes and content that matter to them, while also featuring amazing stories of ordinary people who do the extraordinary, opening up minds and hearts. The space for students, the InspireModel and InspireTweak section, comes with a more detailed analysis of students' essays and language notes. We provide a boost to our exam-styled articles and worksheets, with deliberate scaffolding of key language skills over the issues for the year. And we never waiver from our promise of exam-styled articles and worksheets, for every section of the English Language examination.

Each issue also contains QR codes to YouTube videos to engage a young reader in digital ways, as well as inspirational stories to encourage your child to dream big and fight against hardships.

Inspire magazine was nominated Best Education Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2018 Inspire will help your child to:

  1. Master the 5 essay formats
  2. Develop critical thinking, writing, reading, listening, and oral skills 
  3. Increase general knowledge 

Issue 29- "Young At Work" 

Meet the young owner of Gojek, and the young man who did not let his disability get in the way of pursuing his passion in acting. Get to know the Jewish teenager Anne Frank whose diary changed the world. This issue aims to inspire young people, with a focus on young leaders, young volunteers and young entrepreneurs.


Issue 30 -"Fusion" (publishing in April)

Fusion - of food, races, cultures, the arts, and even languages. How popular are fusion foods? What does a fusion dance performance look and feel like? Are modern languages fusional languages? Should colloquial languages be encouraged? What are the challenges faced by those of mixed identity? This theme allows an interesting exploration of a wide variety of issues.


Issue 31 - "The Evolution Of Online Platforms" (publishing in July)

Online platforms today have redefined study, work and play. They have risen significantly in popularity in recent times, partly due to the global lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. TikTok, Zoom and Google Meet have become favourite platforms for online learning, work and even for virtual social gatherings. Social gaming has also been on the rise, with video games such as 'Minecraft' and 'Overwatch' being played with online friends on a virtual platform. Are these online platforms helping us lead a better life?


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