iThink Magazine Assorted Collection: 4 single issues (for 15+ y/o)

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Results-focused English enrichment resources that will get your child writing better essays for the O-Levels


Is your child struggling with how to write a good essay? We can help!

iThink Magazines are full of the best model essays and contain plenty of essay practice questions from past year exams. It is designed to help your child master essential tips on how to write an A1-quality essay.

Written by a team of highly qualified trained teachers and led by a former English Head of Department, every issue has been written to help your child increase their general knowledge, understand techniques of how to write a good essay, and apply their learnings with practice questions. 

iThink Magazines provide methods and strategies to master the below 6 essay formats that are tested in the O-Levels: 

  1. Argumentative Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Expository Essay
  4. Hybrid Essay
  5. Narrative Essay
  6. Personal Recount Essay

Each issue also comes with worksheets and suggested answers.

Helping students write better essays since 2014, iThink Magazine was nominated Best Education Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2016 and 2018 and has been used by teachers in more than 50 schools. 

iThink Magazines contain:


  • Model essays with #trending content


    Each issue contains 5 different O-Level essay formats that cover interesting hot topics. This allows your child to learn from model essay examples while growing in general knowledge.

    Magazines in this selection cover the below content:


  • Techniques and tips clearly explained 


    Every model essay comes with worksheets that analyze techniques used so that your child learns what about the essay makes it a model example, and how to do the same.   


  • Application of learning


    Your child can immediately put the learnings into practice with a list of essay practice questions. We also feature selected essays in our upcoming issues as model essays, or essays that will be used as examples for areas of improvement. Selected essays will be rewarded $20 each. Interested? Send in your essays to!

    Don’t lose out on a chance to help your child write better essays for the O-Levels. Buy now!

        Issue "Disrupted"

        Uber, Ofo. Deliveroo. Alibaba, Snapchat, live streaming. What do all these have in common? They are classic examples of disruptive technology. Disruption is the latest and probably overused buzzword in the global world today. It spells innovation, excitement and new-age trends. So it is all good. Or is it? Disruptions also interrupt lives. People get displaced, lifestyles transform, societies morph into not-so-desirable forms. Should we then pause before continuing the ride in this new wave so that we do not lose more than what we want to? 


        Issue "Diverse"

        Munch a burger as you walk down the streets of Japan and you could be stared at for being rude enough to eat in public. Walk inside the house with shoes on in India, and be prepared to be ticked off by the owner.

        That is how diverse the world is – the right and wrong can swap places, depending on which part of the world we are in. Our perceptions are inevitably coloured by the culture we are brought up in and the cultures we are exposed to. However, as much as diversity can open up our minds, it can also coax us to take up arms. Would that partly explain the long-term conflicts between countries today?

        Cultures also evolve over time, from food preferences to lifestyles to societal practices. And today, in this digital age, cultures are changing at an unimaginably fast pace. Are cultures merging or is a new unifying culture emerging? 

        Issue "We, not Me"

        There is strength in numbers.

        That would explain why countries team up to form free trade agreements and international committees such as the United Nations. History also teaches us that many hands make light work. Agrarian societies thrived on cooperation among people because of inherent inter-dependencies. On the family front, teamwork is key too, with different parents playing different roles to keep the family engine running.

        Having said that, is today’s generation naturally inclined to working in teams or abiding by societal rules? Is the world today built more for the individual or the community? 

        Issue Idols And Heroes (Reprinted in 2018)

        One Direction and Bruno-Mars, Bill Gates and Christiano Ronaldo, Superman and Ironman.

        What do they have in common? They are people who we admire, even aspire to be. They are our heroes and idols. Some fans, in their delusional states, go as far as putting them on a pedestal and believing they would do no wrong.

        Find out why we can be idol-crazy and test yourself on how much you know about the accolades your favourite teen idols have earned. Read about how some idols fail from grace, as one teenager discovers, and be ready to be startled by some of the unfortunate turn of events in the lives of popular stars.

        Get your Instagrammer teenager reading more and doing better for the O-Level English exam with iThink magazine