iThink Magazine 2021: 3 single issues + 1 double issue (for 15+ y/o)

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Get your Instagrammer teenager reading more and doing better for the O-Level English exam

iThink magazines are specially written with #trending topics in order to get your teenager to spend less time surfing the internet and more time reading enriching content.

Every issue of Inspire magazine has been written to help your teenager do well in all 4 papers of the GCE "O" Level English exam by covering #trending topics they care about and will want to read

Each issue also contains QR codes to YouTube videos to engage a young reader in digital ways, as well as our editor's constructive comments on essays submitted by students.

The issues are filled with articles discussing topics relevant to a teenager today, and are written in the below 6 essay formats to help your child master all 6 writing styles:

  1. Argumentative Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Expository Essay
  4. Hybrid Essay
  5. Narrative Essay
  6. Personal Recount Essay

iThink was nominated Best Educational Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2016 and 2018. The publication will help your child to:

  1. Master the writing styles of the 6 essay formats
  2. Develop critical thinking, reading, listening, oral and presenting skills
  3. Increase general knowledge (important for Paper 1 Writing and Paper 4 Oral)

    Issue 33 - "Beyond The Clouds" 

    We take your child to the clouds and beyond, literally and figuratively. How has air travel been affected by the recent pandemic? How challenging is it to be an astronaut? Is space exploration a waste of national resources? How effective are cloud platforms for online learning? This theme aims to bring greater clarity to these 'cloudy' issues and more.

    Issue 34 -"Worlds Apart" (publishing in April)

    We take your child between worlds in this issue: from tribal communities to the modern, cosmopolitan world; the world of unique traditions to ones of familiarity. From the world of the haves to the have-nots and the world between bullied and bully. This issue encourages your child to question assumptions and develop multiple perspectives, as well as put themselves in others's shoes.


    Double Issue 35/36 -"The Exam Issue" (publishing in July)

    Exam time? Let us help. Inside this double issue is a treasure trove of original essays (of different genres) and comprehension texts, paired with detailed notes and exam-styled worksheets, and peppered with thoughtful illustrations.

    A range of topics will be covered, with an explicit focus on skills to ace the Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the GCE O-Level English Language examinations. We also share tips and common errors.


    Issue 37- "Delivery" (publishing in August)

    The discussions in this issue revolve around the myriad of definitions of delivery. How has modern technology influenced delivery services? Should we be more compassionate towards delivery riders? Is how a message is delivered more important than the message itself? What happens when a mother delivers a stillborn baby? This issue promises to expand your child's mind.

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    Get your Instagrammer teenager reading more and doing better for the O-Level English exam with iThink magazine.