Just English - Assorted Bundle C (13 Issues)

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Just English Magazine is Malaysia’s first English Language Teaching (ELT) supplementary material, designed specifically for students and teachers. It aims to inculcate and enhance students’ reading habits by providing a variety of interesting and relevant articles and exercises. It is a great source of edutainment (combining education and entertainment) that can be used by students independently. 

Articles are catered for readers with different interests. Topics include:

  • Preparation Tips and information on English language proficiency exams
  • Inspiring accounts of individuals from all walks of life.
  • Cover stories.
  • Food, career, latest trends.
  • Travel, environmental highlights.
  • Sports, lifestyle, short stories.
  • Historical facts, arts and science, plus many more.

The follow are the issues in this bundle :

11.7 : Lorde
12.5 : Emma Stone
13.4 : Mercedes-Benz Returns to F1
13.5 : P!nk
14.1 : Stephen King
14.4 : Korean Beauty Trends
15.6 : The Fourth Industrial Revolution
15.7 : Mary Anning - The Fossil Lady
16.1 : The Kingdom of Bhutan
16.5 : A Wish for Pegasus
16.6 : Everybody Loves Athleisure
17.1 : Automations - The World's Earliest Machines and Robots

17.2 : Ikigai