M.A.D Books Series

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Lin has a beautiful smile. Everyone tells her so. One day, Lin loses her front tooth and stops smiling. Will she ever smile again?
The Rainbow Child
In the town of Gloomsville, everything is black and white, including the people. Only Ruby was born colourful and she is not afraid to let her colours shine.
Spiky & Dotty
Spiky and Dotty loved to play together. One day after they both changed, they realised that one of them can only play in the day and the other only at night. Will the best friends grow apart or will they find a way to spend time together?
Inky Poofs Again
Inky has a problem. He poofs when he is nervous. It is Inky’s first day at school. Everything is new and unfamiliar, and Inky is very, very nervous.
Let’s Be Friends
Tapir wants to have a friend to play with. Yet he finds fault with everyone he meets. Finally, he meets Orangutan and thinks that he has found the perfect friend, but he is in for a surprise.