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Dear Parents,

Check out the new title of Tribeca for your child! 

A fun story about a three-legged cat who feels anxiety and stress as she wonders if her adoptive family will accept her as she is...

Please note that the books are available in July 2022.


Everyone wants to belong. Tribeca does, too.

But with only three legs and three paws, Tribeca knows she’s different from other cats. And when she learns that she’s going to be adopted, she starts to worry that she won’t fit in with her new family.

When the day arrives, Tribeca relaxes after meeting her new dad — but she learns that she also has a new sister. Will her sister accept her?

The Authors

Howard Pearlstein is a picture book author and advertising creative director who has worked on some of the world’s most popular brands, including Toyota, Verizon and Mitsubishi. Howard’s books have been translated into Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia and, soon, Korean. A California native, Howard now lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Debi. Howard has three daughters, Amanda, Jacquie and Emily, who live across the country, and one dog, Maeby, who still lives at home.

Amanda Pearlstein is a civil rights lawyer and pet mom who recently branched out into fiction writing. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her partner Wendy, their dog Toby, their cat East Village and an ever-changing cast of foster kittens — one of whom was the inspiration for this story.