Singathology: 50 New Works by Celebrated Singaporean Writers

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Singathology:50 New Works by Celebrated Singaporean Writers is a stunning collection of original Singapore literature. The first of its kind, this two-volume anthology comprises 50 specially commissioned new works from past winners of the prestigious Cultural Medallion or Young Artist Award. Conceived as a celebration of Singapore literature to launch on the year of the nation’s jubilee, this anthology illustrates the richness and diversity of the island nation’s creative spirit. Traversing generations and genres, readers will encounter poetry, prose, comics and plays. Pieces written in mother tongue languages of Chinese, Tamil and Malay will be included in their original form, but will be accompanied by their English translations. These translations will ensure that, uniquely, many important literary voices will be heard in English for the first time. Edited by the literary expert, Dr Gwee Li Sui, Singathology is one of the most wide-ranging and important collections of Singapore literature ever published.