The Wonderful World of Words

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Words (WOW) — a fun, engaging story-cum-activity
book series to build strong foundations in English grammar.

The English Language Primary Grammar Syllabus states: “At the primary level, students
gain knowledge of the different word classes and how words can be combined with
other words to form larger units to convey a particular meaning. This knowledge helps
them learn new words, structures, phrases and sentences and lays the foundation for
students to use the new words accurately.”

In WOW, the main story is set in the Kingdom of WOW. Each member of the royal
household represents a word class — nouns, verbs, pronouns etc. Through their
adventures, children learn about word classes and how they are used.

Within the Forest of WOW, the animals have caught grammartitis and they make mistakes
in grammar! Through these stories, children develop their observation skills and learn the
art of noticing — a very important skill in language learning.


  • Gain Knowledge and understanding of word classes that all primary students would ned to know
  • Develop grammar at work and phrase level
  • Learn how to use works from the various word classes to form phrases to enrich meaning
  • Learn the rules to follow to form these phrases
  • Develop observation skills and the art of noticing



  1. Imaginative stories that engage children, and help develop an interest in learning grammar
  2. Adventures that encourage children to learn and understand grammar, and not just memorise rules
  3. Games and activities to reinforce learning and check for understanding


*This series will be available in 2021 June. Delivery will be at the end of June 2021.