Achimpa: The Mysterious Word

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One day, a researcher comes across a new word: ACHIMPA. Nobody knows its meaning or the word class it belongs to. People start using “achimpa” as a verb, noun, preposition and interjection. Everyone says “achimpa” as they feel like it until one day the researcher makes another new discovery... An achimping book for very achimp readers

About the Creator:
Catarina Sobral is a Portuguese illustrator and communications designer. She is the author of STRIKE, ACHIMPA and MY GRANDAD, all published by Orfeu Negro. Her books have been published in many countries and she is a constant presence in several national and international magazines and newspapers.

Her first picture book, STRIKE (2011), displays the influence of graphic art in her work through photo-collages, ink drawings and bit maps. Selected for the 2012 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Guest Country Exhibition “Like Cherries”, STRIKE was awarded a Special Mention by the Portuguese National Illustration Award 2012.

ACHIMPA, her next book, keeps the preference for mixed analogical tecnhiques, as well as a subtle ironic sense of humour. It has been distinguished as Best Children’s Book by the Portuguese Author’s Society in 2013, and also as Best Picture Book by International Comics Festival Amadora BD, in the same year.

Catarina's most recent book, MY GRANDAD, was released in February 2014 and in the next month received the International Award for Illustration at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the leading international event on illustrated books. It was a unanimous decision. Among 41 illustrators from around the world, the illustrations of MY GRANDAD, stood out for its ability to transmit profound feelings through pure lines and colors.

Catarina is also experienced in printmaking and film animation, being the author of several book trailers for Orfeu Negro’s publishing house.