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Highlights for Children - for ages 8 to 12

Launched in June 1946 by Garry Cleveland Myers, Ph.D., and Caroline Myers, is the most widely circulated consumer children’s magazine with two and a half million subscribers in the United States of America.

Highlights for Children believes that CHILDREN are the WORLD’S Most Important People and that each child deserves the opportunity to become a confident , caring , curious and creative individual.

The major intention of Highlights is to help kids grow

1) to become thoughtful, literate, sensitive citizens.
2) in basic skills and knowledge,
3) in ability to think and reason
4) in sensitivity to others
5) in high ideals and worthy ways of living
6) in creativeness – kids develop positive self worth by using their creativity and imagination, reading, thinking and reasoning skills as well as by learning how to treat other s with respect, kindness and sensitivity.