i Magazine 2020: 4 single issues (for 10+ y/o)

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Get your Gen Z child reading more and doing better in the PSLE English exam

Are you struggling to get your upper primary child to be more well-read? i magazines are specially written to get every young Gen Z student reading more and doing better in all 4 papers of the PSLE English exam.

It contains #trending topics that would interest a young reader 10 years old and above. The articles are written by former MOE teachers and will increase general knowledge of your child, which is especially important to do well in the Oral and Writing components of the PSLE exam.

Each issue also contains QR codes to videos and audio clips to excite and engage a young person in digital ways for the below:

  1. Model examples of Oral stimulus-based conversations 
  2. Listening Comprehension practice 
  3. YouTube videos to supplement content discussed in the articles

i magazine will help every reader to:

  1. Be more knowledgeable about trends in Singapore and the world
  2. Expand their vocabulary
  3. Improve in writing skills, language use and comprehension skills, listening comprehension skills, and oral communication skills

Issue 13- "The Gaming Issue" 

Our first issue promises an action-packed ride into the world of gaming. From walkthroughs, gaming addiction and the unique struggles of female gamers to cloud gaming and new careers in the gaming industry, there is no dearth of ideas to banter about.

Issue 14- "The World Of Fantasy"

Do your students have their heads in the clouds during lessons? Perhaps they are ‘lost’ in the world of fantasy movies, stories and games? Teach them to read between the lines with this fantasy issue, where we will delve into Disney remakes that subvert gender stereotypes, as well as uncover some lessons that we can learn from popular movie characters. 

Issue 15 - "The Korea Issue"

KPop, KDrama, K-cosmetics. Samsung, LG, Hyundai. The Korean wave has quietly but surely started to lift us off our feet! We explore the reasons behind the Hallyu, and promise to delight the readers with snippets of Korea’s best.


Issue 16 -"Not-So-Common Hobbies"

Ever heard of geocaching? What about slime-making or muggle quidditch? In this final issue for the year, we find out more about uncommon or extreme pastimes. Students might just find something that piques their interest enough to pick it up.