About Us

ilovereading.sg was born in 2009 from humble beginnings. Starting with just 2 people - its founders, Singaporeans Nikson and his wife Jenny, this local publisher began from Nikson and Jenny’s house where they would store the magazines, make sales calls, and take care of their young children.

A secondary school dropout who mixed with bad company, Nikson learnt the crucial importance of reading when he tried to look for work. He sorely felt his knowledge gap and started upskilling himself through books, on top of going back to school while working as a salesman selling enrichment resources to schools. 


Founder of ilovereading.sg, Nikson Low

 It was during his sales visits that he formed many friendships with the HODs and teachers he would meet. They would share with him how they couldn’t find good resources that met the specific needs of the local syllabus.

This gap challenged Nikson to take a brave step out to start ilovereading.sg. He reached out to the HODs and teachers who had since left teaching (who are now his good friends!), and these educators formed the writing team, producing the exact content that they felt was lacking.


The ilovereading.sg team

Today, ilovereading.sg produces high quality reads for students from upper primary to upper secondary, and is proud to have been nominated for Promising SME 500, an award that recognizes exceptional achievements of businesses in Singapore. Its publications have also been nominated thrice for “Best Education Title” by the Singapore Book Awards. 


Nikson receiving the Promising SME 500 award on behalf of ilovereading.sg in 2014

In the first few years of growing the business, Nikson admits that the driving force was to put food on the table for his young family. Today, as more young people read his company’s publications, he realizes the social responsibility the company carries, and is therefore uncompromising in the quality, accuracy, and relevance of every page that is produced.


ilovereading.sg's publications

 With 3 children all of school-going age, Nikson’s vision is to help every parent find age-relevant reading material for their children that would get them reading more and doing better in school.


Founders Nikson, Jenny, and their 3 daughters