Coronavirus - An Activity Book on How to Stay Healthy and Strong

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Dear Parents,

When coronavirus hit the world in 2020, life as we knew it was turned upside down. Sudden new changes to our way of life were introduced. However, young children may not yet understand how coronavirus affects them. This activity book was created to help them to understand what is happening in the world by presenting the coronavirus and its effects in a child-friendly way. Through various fun activities, children can learn what the virus is, and how they can protect themselves against it.

Decode a secret message, unscramble virus patterns, wind your way through a food maze, colour in safe distancing scenes, learn how to wear a mask properly, and more with Coronavirus: An Activity Book on How to Stay Healthy and Strong!

Coronavirus: An Activity Book on How to Stay Healthy and Strong features 35 activities for children. The book explores the topic of staying healthy and strong through literacy, numeracy, and arts and crafts activities. Let it spark useful conversations about the pandemic and viruses, and more importantly, how to build healthy habits and stay safe!

Grab your copy, and stay safe together today!