IQ Concept - Mind Game

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Dear Parents,

A Child needs to learn in fun ways. His motivation and interest in learning must be nurtured from a tender age! Genes decide 1/2 of one's IQ, the other 1/2 is what parents give!


IQ CONCEPT - Mind Game, an intellectual mental game for the Brain. Like other mind games, IQ CONCEPT is a "thinking game" which helps to promote the ability to think and innovate, enhance creativity and stimulate a child's learning through fun. It takes only 5 minutes to learn and play the IQ CONCEPT - Mind Games.


BOOST your child's IQ with stimulating "toys"
ENGAGE your child in intellectual interests and activities
STIMULATE your child's interest in learning through exploration and discovery
MOTIVATE your child to think and innovate
ENHANCE your child's creativity
HELP your child in colour recognition, sizes and shapes
INCREASE mental literacy and focus his attention and develop these qualities with MIND GAMES!


*This game is suitable for children aged 5 years and above