Super Skills Kindergarten - Nursery 1 Set

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Dear Parents,

The preschool years of your child lays the foundation for their education to come. Give them a helping hand with these curated resources from SAP Publishers.

Super Skills First Picture Vocabulary

This resource aims to build a robust vocabulary as it is a necessary prelude to a child’s reading journey. To learn words in familiar relatable groups. To build and expand vocabulary effectively with clear labels and accompanying pictures.

This resource will look at quick expansion of vocabulary through picture-word learning; Clearly arranged so children can pick and choose any theme they relate to most and learn in any order. Words introduced in their singular forms to encourage word recognition for early reading. Additional descriptive, explanatory or informative sentences for selected vocabulary and pictures help increase general knowledge, enhance communication skills, reasoning and logical thinking.

Super Skills First English (Others)

This resource encourages reading and story-telling through wild animal fun facts. Also, to extend learning through fun review pages.

Featuring fun facts about wild animals that preschoolers can learn and share with others, and which also encourages story-telling and cultivate the skill of simple responsibility and ownership when preschoolers track their own progress in the Learning Journal.

Super Skills First Maths

This resources seeks to introduce early numeracy and foundational mathematical concepts coupled with age-appropriate learning activities for practice and short quizzes to assess understanding of knowledge learned.