The Right Talent - The Agility-Focused Interviewing Approach(TM) to Hiring the Right Candidate Every Time

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There are bad hires in almost every organisation and they stem from questionable hiring processes and poor interviews conducted by -- surprisingly -- seasoned HR practitioners and those in the hiring positions, and less surprisingly, by the untrained and undertrained executives being shoved into the gatekeeper's job of talent scouting. How do you suss out the creme de la creme and best fit, both for the job and for the organisation, from amongst the hopefuls whose resumes pile your desk?

The Right Talent is precisely written for recruiters who are determined to weed out bad hires through effective hirnig. Based on the CAAP(R) High Performance Model, the book addresses common mistakes and difficulties faced by interviewers and helps them understand the interview process, prepare for the interview, and craft the ultimate interview questions using the Agility-Focused Interviewing Approach(TM).