Tony Tapir & Friends + Quest for the Pearl

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Sypnosis (Tony Tapir):
In this story, Tony Tapir and his friends overcame their differences and chose to unite as one to destroy their common foe.
Read this book to find out how they overcome it.

Sypnosis (The Quest of the Great Pearl):
The Quest of the Great Pearl is the sequel to the first book, Tony Tapir and Friends. This book once again set against the background of the Asian Rainforest.

About the Author:
Patricia Chew is a Singaporean writer. Formerly trained as a solicitor in England and Wales and qualified as an Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore, she now devotes her time to writing children’s books. This passion for writing was inherited from her late father, Commendatore Dr. David Chew who authored many books on banking in the 1970s in Singapore.

With these books, she hopes to promote timeless values such as integrity, loyalty, faith, hope and love. Featuring delightful rhymes and songs, readers will also get a glimpse of the exotic and endangered flora/fauna found in Asia such as the Rafflesia and Titan Arum. These plants are just as endangered as the tapirs and Javan rhinoceroses, due to deforestation.